A Real Global Challenge: Fight againstWater Crisis

Water is at the center of economic and social development:
it is vital to maintain health, grow food, generate energy, manage the environment, and create jobs.

1 billion

People will be living in places with Water Scarcity

by 2025

5.3 billion

People will be living in places with SEVERE Water Scarcity

by 2025

1.8 billion

People will be living in places with ABSOLUTE Water Scarcity

by 2030


Water Shortfall the World will be facing

Atmospheric Water Generation: A New Access to Water

For thousands of years, we have been collecting and extracting water resources, mostly from surface and underground. With the technology advancement, we started to have water supply systems, bottled water, water purifier and etc. However, we yet had control over water resources. Now, with this revolutionary atmospheric water generation, it will be the first time in our history that we have water resource truly in our hand.

Advantages of Atmospheric Water Generation


Harvest water from the air even at drought places and deserts.


Utilize water vapour from solar desalination in the natural water cycle.


Atmospheric Water is defined as the cleanest source of water, the most cost-efficient one for water purification.


Thank to solar powered evaporation, atmospheric water is inexhaustible.


Support sustainable development as a reliable water resource.


Get rid of risk in water shortfall against industrial and agricultural businesses

for Belt and Road Initiative

An optimized drinking water solution.

China has tried to build the land-based Silk Road through its One Belt, One Road initiative, which potentially involves over 40 countries. However, it is expected that the revival of the ancient Silk Road will not be an easy goal to achieve because of water conflicts between neighbouring countries involved.

Some Central Asian countries,  with an abundance of fossil fuel resources. Yet, they have had difficulties in accessing fresh water resources. The lack of fresh water has led to several conflicts among these countries.

Due to water crisis, while in the process of building the infrastructure for the “One Belt, One Road Initiative”, China has also experienced tensions with some of these countries. If such tensions are successfully managed, China could take the leadership as a mediator for water disputes in Central Asia. This in turn will lead to a successful beginning of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Atmospheric Water Generator Series

Daily Water Production: 12-30 Litres

Supreme 3 Plus | Daily Production*: 33L | Storage: 12.5L
Tea Bar | Daily Production*: 30L | Storage: 19L
Little Angel | Daily Production*:12L | Storage: 6.5L

*In conditions of  28 ℃ and 90% in relative humidity

Large-scale Atmospheric Water Generator Series

Daily Water Production: 500-5000 Litres

LS-60 | Daily Production*: 60L | Storage: 45L
LS-500 | Daily Production*: 500L | Storage: 240L
LS-1500 | Daily Production*: 1500L | Storage: 980L
LS-3000 | Daily Production*: 3000L | Storage: 1200L
LS-5000 | Daily Production*: 5000L | Storage: 1800L 

*In conditions of 30 ℃ and 80% in relative humidity

Our Solutions

Domestic and Commercial Uses

Heaven Dew Producer Series provide you the world’s safe drinking water at your home or office.

Industrial and Agricultural Uses

Using atmospheric water for business without any restriction of regional water access or water rights.

Remote and Military Uses

Resolving water supply problem for warships, offshore platform, islands and reefs, border regions and stations.

Atmospheric Water Plant

AWP can be setup in any place for sustainalble water resource for municipal water supply, planting, producing bottled water.


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