turning AIR into WATER

Black Technology:
Atmospheric Water Generation

Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest (HSDH) Group

Wherever there is Air, there is Safe Drinking Water

HSDH Group’s businesses include intelligent technology, environmental protection, energy, electronics, internet, media and culture, luxury goods and etc, with big data of over 30 million high-end users and 760,000 merchant users.

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Founded the 5th Drinking Water Revolution that enable Mankind using Technology to Generate Water for the First Time in History.


Possessing 80+ Patents Internationally, 20 Years Expoitation Rights of Atmospheric Water in 152 countries and regions.


Utilizing solar power and renewable energy to harvest water from air in an efficient, low-carbon, eco-friendly way.


Producing water in World's highest standards for drinking water such as World Health Organization’s guideline and Water Supply Department of Hong Kong’s scheme.

“The Founder of 5th Drinking Water Revolution, and
The Global Leader of Atmospheric Water Generation."

China Central Television (CCTV)

Our Solutions

Domestic and Commercial Uses

Heaven Dew Producer Series provide you the world’s safe drinking water at your home or office.

Industrial and Agricultural Uses

Using atmospheric water for business without any restriction of regional water access or water rights.

Remote and Military Uses

Resolving water supply problem for warships, offshore platform, islands and reefs, border regions and stations.

Atmospheric Water Plant

AWP can be setup in any place for sustainalble water resource for municipal water supply, planting, producing bottled water.

Atmospheric Water Generator Series

Daily Water Production: 12-33 Litres

Supreme 3 Plus | Daily Production*: 33L | Storage: 12.5L
Tea Bar | Daily Production*: 30L | Storage: 19L
Little Angel | Daily Production*:12L | Storage: 6.5L

*In conditions of  28 ℃ and 90% in relative humidity

Large-scale Atmospheric Water Generator Series

Daily Water Production: 500-5000 Litres

LS-60 | Daily Production*: 60L | Storage: 45L
LS-500 | Daily Production*: 500L | Storage: 240L
LS-1500 | Daily Production*: 1500L | Storage: 980L
LS-3000 | Daily Production*: 3000L | Storage: 1200L
LS-5000 | Daily Production*: 5000L | Storage: 1800L 

*In conditions of 30 ℃ and 80% in relative humidity


Head Office
4/F, Block B,
499 King’s Road,
Hong Kong,

Operation Office
Level 10, Fuji Park,
1008 Buji Road, Luohu, Shenzhen, 

Beijing Office
-for appointment only



-General Line:

(852) 3705 5919

-Service Hotline:
(86) 400 1116 828
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